Oxfordshire stay rooted to the bottom of the Premier Division after losing 21-15 to a Cambridgeshire side which included former world champion Martin ‘Wolfie’ Adams.

Oxon were struggling after the Saturday ties, in March, which saw the Ladies B lose 4-2, with wins from Karen Hill (17.26) and lady of the match Kim Ledbury (17.28).

In the Men’s B clash Oxon enjoyed successes from Antony Barrett, Eamonn Lilly (25.89) and Les Radford (23.90), but overall they lost 9-3.

The Ladies A side got Sunday off to a good start with a 4-2 win, Rebecca Rose (21.53) taking the first game with finishes of 120 and 155.

This was followed by wins for Sandra Cox, Casey Gallagher (23.12) and Clare Bywaters (25.44).

Deta Hedman (25.85) then suffered a shock defeat to fellow international Clare Ball (27.54). With Cambs leading 15-9, Jon Jukes (23.86) took the first men’s A game, followed by victories for Sean Holley (28.23) and Ade Larner (28.18).

Cambs took the next before man of the match John Newland (29.16) put the visitors 4-1 up. The next game was dropped but wins from Josh McCarthy (26.10) and Dennis Smith (27.45) put Oxon 6 -2 up.

The hosts fought back to take the next four games, including a win for three times world champion Adams (31.31) over Andy Thomas (29.59).