Greene King ODDA

THREE Horseshoes B had the consolation of winning an incredible pairs leg as they lost 7-2 at men’s Section 8 leaders Ampleforth Arms B.

Ampleforth eased into a 6-1 lead, with Adam Woodley among their victors, but lost the second pairs’ clash in spectacular fashion.

Needing 350 to win the leg, Horseshoes’ Adam West hit a 180, then teammate Gary Pinchers landed a maximum 170 checkout with 60, 60 and bull to take it.

Ampleforth took the last pairs game for a comfortable 7-2 win.

Original Swan have been withdrawn from Section 4 for failing to complete their fixtures.

Donnington Community Centre A edged out visiting Village Inn 5-4 in ladies’ Section 1.

The visitors took a 2-0 lead thanks to Gemma Royal and Carol Gasser, but Donnington hit back to lead 3-2 when Rose Swanton, Ann Marks and Emilly Baldwin all won.

Phil Younge beat Debbie Baldwin to level the match and a 2-1 pairs win sealed it for Donnington.

Section 1’s Florence Park Community Centre B hit back to win 5-4 at Premier side Nuffield Bar.

Carol Bowman beat Nuffield’s Paulette Guy, with Cindy Chalmers levelling.

Park’s Sue Simmonds saw off Hazel Prowton, but Nuffield led for the first time thanks to wins from Ruth Stockwell and Denise Pape.

Dawn Allsop beat Nuffield’s Megan Curtis to make it 3-3 before Park claimed the last two pairs games.

Section 2 challengers Donnington Community Centre B lost 6-3 at Red Lion, whose singles victors were Carol Rouse, June Rouse and Tracy Gardiner.


Premier & Section 1: Peachcroft SC 5, Goodlake Arms B 4; Goodlake Arms A 4, Chequers Inn A 5; Cowley Workers SC 4, Amplefoth Arms C 5.
Section 2: Red Lion 7, Donnington CC B 2; Donnington CC A 7, Rileys SC A 2; Vikings SC A 4, George Bar A 5; Corner House B 2, Green Rd SC 7.
Section 3: Bullnose Morris 5, Marston RBL A 4; Rileys SC B 6, Marsh Harrier 3; East Oxford CC 2, Democrats Club 7.
Section 4: Littlemore Rugby Club 2, Cricketers Arms 7; George Bar B 3, Catherine Wheel A 6; Chequers Inn B 6, Village Inn A 3.
Section 5: Six Bells 2, Quarry Gate B 7; Village Inn B 7, Nuffield Bar 2; Three Horseshoes A 4, Kings Arms 5; Masons Arms B 7, Cowley CC 2.
Section 6: Gladiators SC 3, Black Bull 6; Nuffield Lounge 4, Corner House A 5.
Section 7: Ampleforth Arms A 7, Crown House B 2; Queeds Head 7, Fairview Inn 2; Quarry Gate A 7, Florence Park CC 2.
Section 8: Crown Inn 4, Butchers Arms 5; Ampleforth Arms B 7, Three Horseshoes B 2; Crown House A 5, Northway CC 4.

Premier & Section 1: Donnington CC A 5, Village Inn 4; Florence Park CC A 6, New Inn 3; Nuffield Bar 4, Florence Park CC B 5; Gillans Bar 7, Berinsfield CC 2.
Section 2: Vikings SC A 7, Nuffield Lounge B 2; Red Lion 6, Donnington CC C 3.
Section 3: Nuffield Lounge B 6, Six Bells A 3; White House 7, Catherine Wheel A 2; Crown House A 3, Gladiators SC 6.
Section 4: Masons Arms 4, Red Lion 5; Follybridge Inn B 6, George Bar 3.
Section 5: Six Bells B 2, Northway CC 7; Sun Inn 4, Catherine Wheel C 5; Black Horse 5, Cowley CC A 4.
Section 6: Golden Ball A 7, North Oxford CC 2; Headington RBL B 4, Quarry Gate B 5; Marston RBL A 5, Three Horseshoes 4; Butchers Arms 2, Littlemore Rugby Club 7.
Section 7: Cowley CC B 4, Kite Inn 5; Catherine Wheel B 3, George Bar B 6; Headington CC 4, Vikings SC B 5.

B Cooke (Peachcroft SC) 2, K Wilkins (Goodlake Arms A) 2, R Freemire (Cowley Workers SC) 2, P Oakley (Cowley Workers SC) 2, D Wyatt (Ampleforth Arms C) 2, G Grant (Donnington CC A) 2, S Tricker (Democrats Club) 2, P Guy (Nuffield Bar Ladies), L Purcell (Peachcroft SC), S Fisher (Peachcroft SC), J Jukes (Chequers Inn A), P Krabben (Goodlake Arms A), L Richards (Cowley Workers SC), W Stevens (George Bar), B Wells (George Bar), S Pollard (Vikings SC A), S James (Marsh Harrier), J Fagg (Democrats Club), M Young (Village Inn A), N Tasker (Catherine Wheel A), A West (Three Horseshoes), K Vikers (Northway CC).

G Pinchers (Three Horseshoes) 170, R Freemire (Cowley Workers SC) 148, A Hayle (Crown Inn) 130, P Stockford (Masons Arms A) 128, J Jukes (Chequers Inn A) 118, P Bustin (Ampleforth Arms C) 114, A Masey (Ampleforth Arms B) 112, S Pollard (Vikings SC A) 110, D Jones (Rileys SC A) 106, D Hammond (Red Lion) 103, R Battle (Chequers Inn B) 100.