LITTLEMORE AS enjoyed some excellent sport on Len’s Lake at Milton Pools, near Wheatley, where the 18 anglers produced a total weight of 100lbs 10.0oz.

The carp went into hiding due to an overnight frost, but the skimmers and roach certainly obliged.

Brian Hutchings took the honours with 20.2.0 of skimmers on the pole with maggot and caster on the hook.

Paul Brant, on the next peg, opted for the same tactics and had roach and skimmers for 14.12.0.

Third-placed Dave Allsworth fished double red maggot and had a solitary carp, plus skimmers, for a level 10lb.

Brian Hutchings and Pete Clarke won the Blind Pairs Trophy.

Seven Tackley Estates AC anglers competed at the Glebe Fishery, which also produced plenty of opportunities.

Anthony Alder led them home with 33.0.0 carp and crucians on pole, with maggot and bread on the hook.

Mick Merry had 8.3.0 of roach and crucians on pole-fished maggot and bread.

Using the same tactics as Merry, Geoff Broome caught 6.9.0 of crucians to secure third position.


Oakfield: (Wednesday, Swallow Lake, 8 fished) 1 S Trevelyan (JET) 53.12.0, 2 B Eddy (Dynamite Oakfield) 31.4.0, 3 M Worrall (Dynamite Oakfield) 26.0.0.

Oakfield (Saturday, Swallow & Red Kite Lakes, 26 fished) 1 G Thorpe (GOT Baits) 68.10.0, 2 N Kiddier (Kamasan) 68.4.8, 3 J Brewster (Dynamite Oakfield) 64.8.8.

Oakfield (Sunday, Red Kite Lake, 16 fished) 1 M Giles (RS Baits) 45.8.8, 2 A Foulkes (Dynamite Oakfield) 36.12.0, 3 C Timms (Cotswold Angling) 31.10.0.


North Oxford AS: Club match. Cherwell. Draw 8am, fishing 9-2.

Dorchester AS: Tiny Trophy. Thames at Benson. Fishing 9-2.