Black Prince were crowned Kidlington Indoor League champions following a 5-1 win over Unknowns.

John Townsend led their charge to the Division 1 title with 15 dolls, including a six.

King’s Arms (Moors) secured the Division 2 title with a 4-2 win over King’s Arms (Tackley).

Kevin Giles hit a six in his 15 dolls as Young Guns shot down Garsington Sports 4-2 in the Gladiator Molson Coors Friday League.

Barry Townsend also notched a six in his 15 dolls to help Clare Car Hire to 6-0 win over The Ox.


Eynsham SSC Indoor League: Staggers 4, Dead Lion 2; White Hart 0, Foundations 6; Fallen Star 3, Queens Head 3; Jolly Sportsman 2, Star Exiles 4. Top scorer: M Revill (Staggers), A Stallard (Foundations) 12. Sixer: M Hewitson.

Gladiator Molson Coors Wednesday League: Yellows 6, Kidlington Spts 0; Team Monarch 2, Team Dench 4; Garsington Spts A 5, Gladiators 1; Three Horseshoes 2, Garsington Spts B 4. Top scorer: C Proudfoot (Yellows) 12.

Gladiator Molson Coors Friday League: Gladiators 5, Misfits 1; Garsington Spts 2, Young Guns 4; Alders Oldies 2, Cricketers 4; The Ox 0, Clare Car Hire 6. Top scorers: K Giles (Young Guns), B Townsend (Clare Car Hire) 15. Sixers: A Beal (Cricketers), K Giles, B Townsend.

Kidlington Indoor League: King’s Arms (Moors) 4, King’s Arms (Tackley) 2; Unknowns 1, Black Prince 5; Six Bells C 2, North Oxford Con Club 4; Kidlington Sports 4, Punch Bowl 2. Top scorer: J Townsend (Black Prince) 15. Sixers: R Goodall (Six Bells C), J Townsend (Black Prince).

Yarnton RBL League: Chauffers 2, Black Prince 4; Misfits 5, Rose & Crown 1; Exiles 5, Star 1; Cock Inn 3, Black Bull 3. Top scorers: I Grant (Black Prince), A Holt (Rose & Crown) 13.