There is light at the end of the tunnel for Oxford’s champion trainer, Angie Kibble.

The Bampton-based handler looked like being left out on a limb with the impending closure of Oxford Stadium.

After being turned down by Swindon, Kibble last week had no idea what the future had in store.

But the eight-time champion trainer, who is Oxford through and through, has been offered a dual attachment to Hall Green and Perry Barr – and was also offered two days racing at Wimbledon.

The latter, however, was a non-starter on the basis she was only able to race six or seven dogs there a week.

Neither is an ideal situation for the trainer who has the biggest kennel at Oxford, and furthermore the most owners to please.

“I am tearing myself apart with all this at the moment,” she said. “I am trying to please the owners and staff, but I will give Hall Green and Perry Barr a couple of months to see how it works out.”

She is still hoping that she can find a track nearer home, and although Coventry is a possibility, she needs a venue that is happy to take a reasonable quantity of runners.

There is speculation of an impending vacancy at Swindon, however, and that would be an ideal scenario.

Meanwhile, Tony Magnasco will consider retirement if he cannot get fixed up, leaving only Paul Clarke who is yet to confirm his future.

ANGIE Kibble is 98 winners ahead in the race for Oxford’s top trainer – in what are likely to be the last statistics produced by the stadium.


A Kibble 275, G Hepden 177, T Magnasco 176, R Baker 172, N Carter 134, B Hannan & T Kibble 132, S Rayner 124, P Clarke 101, M Massey 96, J Mayo 96, R Bicknell 87, R Yeates 83, D Lee 30.