OXFORD University head coach James Wade believes the professional game should take more note of the Varsity Match.

Wade, who is also Wasps’ high performance manager, has observed the Twickenham clash from both outside and inside.

He said: “You get a bit of reverse snobbery about this match from the professional game, but this game has got so much to offer.

“I have got two hats on because I work in the pro game as well.

“My experience tells me that people could learn so much from this sort of environment, these sort of players and the values that they bring.

“I do think it has got a lot to offer and that people should take more of an interest in this sort of occasion.

“It really is more than being out on a rugby pitch. It has taught me a lot.

“I would be much less without it.”

John Carter, who made history by captaining Oxford to two successive wins over Cambridge, was even more effusive.

“This is the ultimate spectacle of passion,” he said.

“Of course there are going to be better players and better technical games in the Premiership or in world rugby and you will get passion in those as well.

“But in this, you get that real focus and concentration factor.”

Carter added: “It is a great advert for the game. It inspires the real values of rugby.

“Being involved, you get to take part in something really unique.

“It is so passionate because you have got four months leading to one game.

“The passion is purely on that team. There is nothing higher to be gained, it is not professional.

“There is no other priority that you could put ahead of winning that game other than the relationships you have in that group.

“It is truly incredible and I think you can sense that.

“You can sense people really dying for what they believe in as the metaphor goes on the rugby field.”