Legacy of Light is tipped to taste victory for the first time in the Cooper Coral Classic at Oxford Stadium tonight.


7.45: Pennys Lexi, COOLCROO TIGER, Heatherhil Louie, Loughlea Ripple, Irwins Legend 3, Slashers Dasher.

8.00: Hay Tess, Hard Luck Emma, Clear Issue, Blue Anna, HILLCROSS GYPSY, Crown Of Thomas 3.

8.15: NINIS BOY, Movealong Hawk, Currikeen Castle, Sierra Lobo, Ace Romeo 3, Itai Black.

8.30: Sims Boy 3, Annestown Tapper, Knockalton Laura, ICECOOL OLLIE, Pennys Demo, Smile On Sveta.

8.45: Gulleen Millie 3, Urard Rocket, White Nose Girl, PHILANIMO BILL, Lexies Blue, Flying Guard.

9.00: Wiltshire Zig, LEGACY OF LIGHT (nap), Jayjayz Jet, Mash Mad Minnie 3, Verity Son, Shamone Shelby.

9.15: Swift Pearl 3, Noel Baby, PENNYS BEST, Knockmant, Lady Larnach, Follow The Light.

9.30: Light the Way, Shelbourne, Price Tag 3, Dippy Boy, UNCLE DES, Holycross Ace.

9.45: Little Sarah, Catunda Pompeii 3, Meenala, Washyourmouthout, GOLDEN LEGACY, Ballymac Queen.

10.00: Alley Cat, Slaneyside, BARNAGRANE COLIN, Morning Glory 3, Finnside Scolari, Mild Steel.

10.15: Geneva Jay Jay, MOVEALONG PENNY, Oakfront Ironman, Mucky Donal 3, Uncle Donal, Liosgarbh Way.

10.30: Lissycasey Jed 3, Romily Flash, Future Mixture, SHAMO