Wallingford Regals and Didcot Barn Owls shared the spoils in their Oxfordshire Short Mat League encounter, taking four points each.



Wallingford 23 (4pts), Didcot Barn Owls 23 (4) – 1st leg: Wallingford (E Pilgrim, S Gallagher, D Sirett, E Hasker) 10, Barn Owls (J Cole, F Clark, N Davies, N Cole) 14. 2nd leg: Wallingford (D Hasker, P Biggs, A Sirett, C Hasker)13, Barn Owls (J Bradbury, G Smith, M Cole, K Dickson) 9.

Uffington Dragons 23 (6pts), Harwell Harlequins 10 (2) – 1st leg: Uffington (J Cuddon, D Moorman, D Wise, D Taylor) 12, Harwell (M Wiggins, G Hewitt-Taylor, J Durbin, T Durbin) 6. 2nd leg: Uffington (E Payne, R Haynes, R Elbrow, R Smailes) 11, Harwell (C Miller, D Butterfield, B Butterfield, J Rostagni) 13.

Wootton Warriors 25 (2pts), Benson Extra Elevens 27 (6) – 1st leg: Wootton (J Wirdnam, A Baker, M Werrell, M Minns) 11, Benson (D Paxford, S Gill, P Butcher, K Howarth) 14. 2nd leg: Wootton (B Kelly, S Baker, A Munday, S Dunn) 14, Benson (E Hunt, J Callaway, S Wells, R Howarth) 13.

Witney Town Rams 27 (6pts), Witney Mills Weavers 26 (2) – 1st leg: Witney Town Rams (V Hill, F Dawson, J Cameron, M Cameron) 17. Witney Mills Weavers (A Empson, S Empson, D Clarke, A Auger) 9. 2nd leg: Witney Town Rams (A Robinson, M Scholes, P McCulloch, B Scholes) 10, Witney Mills Weavers (R Townsend, A Clarke, P Wilson, J Mott) 17.

A TEAM from the English Indoor Bowls Association took on Oxford & District as part of the club’s 40th anniversary celebrations.

Players representing ten counties featured for the visitors, but it was the Sandy Lane club who won the match 125-121.