Cherwell League chiefs are urging their clubs to give the go-ahead for an extraordinary general meeting in the wake of revelations that the Hertfordshire clubs are threatening a breakaway from the Homes Counties Premier League (HCPL).

The HCPL is in turmoil, with the potential loss of the four Hertfordshire clubs in Division 1 and the whole of Division 2 East. The Cherwell hold their annual meeting at Bicester & North Oxford on November 22.

But with so many questions surrounding the fate of their own clubs in terms of promotion and relegation should the Herts clubs pull out, everything is up in the air.

Now, in a letter to clubs, Cherwell chairman Clive Ricks said: “It is my intention to update the AGM on 22 November on the latest position and then ask clubs to vote on the following proposal:

“An EGM should be called to consider the repercussions of changes to the Home Counties Premier League as it affects the Cherwell League for 2013.”

The Hertfordshire League are expected to make a final decision this week on whether to break away.

A poll of 24 clubs in HCPL Division 1 and 2 East, and Hertfordshire League Division 1, produced a split of 15-5 in favour of a move to quit.