OXFORDSHIRE’S latest 100-year-old has said the secret to long life is fine dining and pampering.

Olive Sarah Bowler, known as Sarah, celebrated her 100th birthday yesterday.

The great-grandmother of eight, originally from the Forest of Dean, now lives at The Homestead in Carterton.

She said “It is unbelievable. I am quite amused.”

She said her fondest memory was going on cruise ships with her husband Geoff, and the most memorable time in her life was being on holiday in Canberra, Australia.

She also said that the secret to a long life was eating meals out, being pampered and enjoying the finer things.

Mrs Bowler was born Olive Sarah Jones on January 28, 1913 in the Forest of Dean.

However, she was raised by her adopted “aunt” Jane in Kent and worked at Greenwich Borough Council most of her working life.

She married her first husband Leonard Marriott on May 4, 1935 but later divorced. She then lived with her partner Jack Last until his death in 1965 before marrying her second husband Geoff Bowler in June 1966, at the age of 53.

Two years later she retired and in the next 44 years Mr and Mrs Bowler moved home ten times and travelled the world before he died in 2006.

Mrs Bowler’s daughter Barbara Collins, 77, from Marlborough, said: “She caused people to live colourful lives.”