THE hats may have been a bit too large for their heads.

But that did not stop youngsters at The Blake School in Witney learning about life as a Coldstream Guard.

Members of the 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards dropped in on pupils at the Cogges Hill Road school this week.

Youngsters enjoyed activities and puzzles in class, a talk on the history of the regiment and a chance to join in a drum performance.

Alfie Smith, nine, said: “The best part was when we did the music in the morning. The hats were itchy and heavy.”

Maisy Brocklebank, eight, said: “I thought it was really amazing – the best bit was when we did the activities. I found the hat quite heavy, but it was comfortable – snug and warm. But I wouldn’t like to stand on guard for hours wearing it.”

The visit on Thursday came following a school visit to Windsor in July.

Headteacher Tim Edwards-Grundy added: “Pupils had a fabulous time.

“We were able by a happy accident to take advantage of a gap in their schedule and have a group in with their drums. ”