A MUM-OF-TWO with terminal cancer is on a mission to create a lifetime's worth of memories for her boys in just two years.

Former army dental nurse Dominique Hill wants to take seven-year-old Toby and four-year-old Callum on holidays they will never forget.

She also wants to finally go on a honeymoon with her husband of seven years Darren – an Army sergeant – and get a tattoo.

The family didn't have a lot of cash to achieve all their dreams at once, so Mrs Hill's best friend Sandra Gadsby is leading a fundraising campaign on their behalf.

Mrs Hill, 43, said: "I've been diagnosed with terminal breast cancer so basically I wanted to do a bucket list of nice things and crazy things.

"It's just about making memories for my boys really.

"My dad died when I was the same age as Callum, so I wanted to make sure they would always have nice memories of our time together."

The bucket list has already inspired hundreds of people across the UK and is gathering momentum fast.

An old school friend in Brighton started a fundraising webpage to get £3,000 for the family and it made £5,000 in a few months.

Mrs Hill, who grew up near Brighton, served in the Royal Army Dental Corps for 12 years.

She met her future husband after she was at Dalton Barracks in Abingdon.

He was serving in the Royal Logistic Corps at Didcot and one day had to go to the dentist.

Asked if it was love at first sight, she said: "I had to make him work for it."

They were married seven years ago and now live with in Grove. The boys go to Millbrook School in the village.

In December 2013, Mrs Hill was diagnosed with breast cancer in the same month as her 40th birthday.

She embarked on an exhausting programme of treatment at the Churchill Hospital in Headington which seemed to have done the job.

Then, just when she thought she might be in the clear, she was given a second diagnosis on March 13 this year.

The date was her wedding anniversary.

It soon became clear that this time there was nothing doctors could do. She has now been given two-to-five years.

But rather than curl up and hide away, Mrs Hill decided she and her family were going to spend their remaining time making memories to last a lifetime.

Her best friend Ms Gadsby, a mum-of-two herself who also lives in Grove, said: "We didn't know how long she had left exactly so I just wanted to be proactive.

"I bought her a notebook and told her to write a bucket list: we want to make as much happen as possible."

The Grove family have already been causing a stir at a park in neighbouring Wantage.

When she decided to make a bucket list, one of the first things Mrs Hill decided to create a local version of Paris's famous 'love locks' bridge.

She said: "My children are growing up in Grove and I wanted to have something that was a memory for them in a place they could go when the inevitable happens."

She and Ms Gadsby wanted to use the little iron footbridge which runs over the Letcombe Brooks in Wantage opposite the town's John Betjeman memorial park.

The only trouble was, the bridge bars were too thick to get a padlock around.

Instead, they settled for the gate into the park itself.

On a sunny day at the end of June, the Hill family and a group of friends joined the ceremonial placing of the first locks on the park gate.

Within weeks dozens of other people had gone to place locks of their own.

Mrs Hill explained: "They are there for loved ones, any loved ones: I've left ones for my boys, and I've done one for Darren and I've left ones with fingerprints on the back for my family.

"It's like you lock something you love.

"For me personally, it will be something for my boys to be able to go to."

Ms Gadsby added: "Dom to me is the glue sticks us all together as a group: she gets us through thick and thin.

"She has this amazing aura about her, once you meet her she has touched your life.

"We've all been devastated by the news and we are all trying to keep busy and keep her busy."

Anyone who would like to contribute money, put on an event or get involved is asked to email Ms Gadsby on sarnie.curtis@btinternet.com