RIVER levels plateaued or marginally dipped yesterday but forecasters are still warning of the 20mm of rain still to come tomorrow. Oxfordshire is on a yellow warning from the Met Office tomorrow, when heavy rain is expected throughout the day.

Last night, 11 waterways in the county were on flood alert, meaning flooding is possible.

Environment Agency spokesman Dave Ferguson said: “We are monitoring levels closely at the moment. The main thing is heavy rainfall coming on Friday.”

On the flood risk for Oxfordshire, he added: “There is clearly a risk but it is a case of watching the situation closely at present and issuing warnings as needed.”

Mr Ferguson said it was not possible to say if river levels had peaked yet.

Environment Agency staff have been out monitoring river levels and clearing grilles that prevent debris from collecting in culverts or underground water channels.

Met Office forecaster Dan Williams said: “It will be a pretty wet day on Friday with some heavy rain at times.

“It will die out through the day.”

Although February is set to get off to a wet start tomorrow, January has been drier than normal, with less than two inches of rain (49.9mm) of rain so far in Oxfordshire compared to the average for the month of 2.36 inches (60mm).