REPAIRS to the iconic Aston Martin DB5 which broke down in floodwater in Oxfordshire this weekend are likely to run to thousands if not tens of thousands of pounds, an expert has warned.

The silver car ground to a halt after attempting to traverse a deep ditch in Claypit Lane, Longcot, on Sunday morning.

A depth indicator showed the water levels at at least two and a half feet.

Donna Bannister, curator of the Drayton St Leonard-based Aston Martin Heritage Trust, said: “I would not drive an old Aston of any kind through something which you can’t see the bottom of.”

She said the amount of damage would depend on whether or not the water had got into the vehicle itself – and warned repairs would not be straightforward.

Ms Bannister said: “The first thing that comes to mind is the electronics – while there aren’t many in the vehicle that will be the first thing that’s affected.

“Once water gets into the vehicle the carpets and the leather could be damaged.

“The company that used to supply all the leather, Connolly Leather, has now gone out of business so while you would be able to get it from somewhere else and it would look just as nice, it would not be from the original manufacturer.”

Christy Bate, from Faringdon, who pictured the vehicle, said she had spoken to the driver as he awaited assistance.

She said: “He was very cool and chilled out about it – his wife came down in a big 4X4 and brought the kids out.

“He didn’t seem overly bothered by it.”