PLUMMETING temperatures are forecast this evening but today is expected to be dry with sunny spells.

Temperatures are not going to get above freezing today, with overnight temperatures hitting -5C or -6C in urban areas and even lower in rural parts of the county.

So far, only two schools are affected: West Oxford Primary is closed due to that broken boiler and Finstock Primary is opening at 10am.

Oxford Bus Company is reporting normal routes for services but X90 and the airline passengers should allow extra time for their journeys.

Stagecoach is reporting some disruption to services.

A spokesman said: “We are pleased to say that all our city services and the Oxford Tube are running normally today.

“There are a number of alterations to some of our country services due to the icy road conditions. Our team are continuing to check the road conditions throughout the day so we can start running buses on diverted routes as soon as possible.”

Route S3 - unable to serve Cornish Road in Chipping Norton. Buses are running via Hailey Road. Now serving Combe via Akeman Street in both directions but the service is still unable to serve Stonesfield Road in Combe.

Route S4 - unable to serve Duns Tew and the top end of Middle Barton Other services Route B2 - unable to serve Chatsworth Drive Route B8 - unable to serve Sinclair Avenue. Buses are running via Warwick Road and Sussex Drive Route 11 - unable to serve North Leigh or Cuckoo Lane (Freeland). Running via A4095.

Route 18/19 - services are running normally Route 64 - awaiting further information from Swindon depot Route 200 - unable to serve Upper Wardington. Running via A361.

Route 213/214 - the service is only able to run via Madley Park.

Route 215 - unable to serve Smiths Estate or Springfield Oval Route 233 - unable to serve the Sands, buses will be turning via the Sports Field in Milton under Wychwood Route 242 - unable to serve New Yatt or North Leigh. Running via A4095.

Route 488 - unable to serve Wigginton Route X8 - running between Kingham Station and Chipping Norton then to Shipton-under-Wychwood via the A361.

Route X9 - buses are running the normal route but we are still unable to serve Ramsden village and Finstock