CREDIT controller Daniel Lawson-May is celebrating bagging himself a new job after two years of hunting for employment.

Mr Lawson-May, 39, from Cowley, was featured as one of our 12 job seekers in the Oxford Mail’s We Want to Work campaign in September.

He has now found work at British Gas’s Oxford office.

He said: “It has been a real learning curve. But because we are a really good team and we are working with good management, I have been able to fit in.

“It’s going really well.”

Mr Lawson-May estimated he had applied for more than 400 jobs in two years.

He said: “Two years was a huge amount of time out of work, but a lot of people are out of work for longer.

“I was very fortunate, I could have been out of work a lot longer because of the current climate.

“I’m enjoying getting out and interacting with people, having some sort of purpose to get up in the morning.

“Being with people and achieving goals for a company boosts your own confidence.”

Credit controllers with British Gas are responsible for the collection of cash by telephone, letter and email.

Referring to the We Want to Work campaign, Mr Lawson-May said: “I can certainly say it had helped in finding me work, so thank you.”

He added: “I am really enjoying being part of British Gas, at the moment it is really exciting. I’m very, very busy which is good.

“It is nice to be part of a good team.”

Nicola Hooper, corporate markets credit manager for British Gas, said: “When my colleague interviewed him it was obvious he was keen to get back in to work and learn new skills. It was down to his character really, he is really likeable and could fit into the team.

“He is getting on really well. He started off in a small team and after a few weeks moved to a larger team.”

She added she thought the Oxford Mail’s We Want To Work campaign was “absolutely brilliant”.

A third of our dozen featured in the campaign have found jobs.

Our other eight job seekers are still looking for work and are going to interviews.

They are being helped back into employment by A4e.