A SITE on Oxford’s biggest estate is being investigated ahead of imminent work on a new skate park.

Blackbird and Greater Leys have been without any skating facilities since 2009, when a park in Cuddesdon Way was demolished to make way for a nursery.

Workers are in Frys Hill park to check if the land is suitable for the skating equipment to be built there.

A revised concept design of what the park could look like has also been released.

Oxford City Council board member for parks Mark Lygo told the Oxford Mail in March that he hoped work would be completed by the summer.

Last night he said: “This is standard work we carry out before any work. We will find out if the skate park can be built by the end of this month and then, once confirmed, work will be finished in the next six to eight weeks.”

Money for the £60,000 park is coming from developer contributions, known as section 106 money, from the building of the Co-op nursery in Cuddesdon Way.

The skate park will be positioned at the park near the multi-use games area.

Mr Lygo said: “This is the perfect location for something like this – it is in the middle of Blackbird and Greater Leys and it is near the Kassam, green space and a basketball court.

“We will be building sound barriers to prevent it becoming too loud for residents. Skate parks are not the same as they used to be, they are a lot quieter than people think.”

The skate park is part of a range of improvements planned for Frys Hill Park.

The city council has applied for a £50,000 grant in Wren money – which comes from landfill tax credits – to spend on cleaning up the land.

Mr Lygo said: “We are just waiting to hear back on that bid and hopefully work will start soon. We have spoken to children at Pegasus School about what they would like to see and they were very excited. We want the community to be part of this.”

Blackbird Leys mum Paula Mitty said: “I am all for anything for the kids to do. We all moan when they are outside peoples’ houses and giving them grief, but often it is because they have nothing to do.

“Anything to keep them off the street is a good idea.”