HEADINGTON residents found themselves going postal after not knowing where to put their letters for the past few months.

But their wishes have been granted and Royal Mail has given them back their post box.

When it was removed from All Saints Road earlier this year a number of residents wrote to Royal Mail asking for it to be put back.

And now Headington residents can post their letters at the corner of All Saints Road and Barrington Close.

Patrick Coulter, of Highfield Residents’ Association, said: “It is great news to have the post box back.

“It was a real nuisance because the next nearest one is about a quarter of a mile away.

“This is particularly good for the elderly and there are quite a few of them around here.

“It is a good community facility to have and there has been a great response to getting it back.

“It is a small thing but it matters to a lot of people. Royal Mail weren’t going to replace it but it shows that if people get together they can change something.”

Mike Ratcliffe, of Bickerton Road, said: “The idea of a post box is that they come and collect the post from you rather than you having to go into Headington.”

Headington city councillor Ruth Wilkinson said: “I’m really impressed with Royal Mail, their support was first class. As soon as I told them how much residents missed the postbox, they agreed to replace it. It’s great to see one back again.”

In January, the 19th century Dairy Lodge in All Saints Road was demolished to make way for two three-bedroom houses. But the post box, which dated back to the reign of George VI, was set into the wall.

The new postbox is just over 200ft from the site of the old one, which Royal Mail has offered to give back to the community.

Mr Coulter said: “I am not sure what we will do with it and we will ask people for some ideas.”