1Visit a museum While the idea of looking at old paintings might not initially enthuse your youngsters, most of the city’s museums are well geared up for children.

On Thursday at the Museum of Oxford, in Oxford Town Hall, there will be a Home Front Oxford day, where children can make their own Mickey Mouse Gas Masks, try out and mend toys and see the kinds of things you would take into an air-raid shelter.

Museum and heritage learning officer Kate Toomey said: “We have got some simple fun crafts for all the family and everyone gets to either make something or join in with something.”

The Pitt Rivers Museum, South Parks Road, has drop-in activities throughout the week, and on Thursday the Museum of the History of Science in Broad Street will give children a chance to make their own sundials.

2Get playing Oxford has a total of 87 playgrounds, ranging from tiny pocket parks to huge adventure playgrounds.

For adventure play, try out Meadow Lane and Whitehouse Road, or if your children want to get climbing, Frys Hill Park has a climbing rock overlooking the Kassam Stadium.

3Get musical The home of Radiohead and Supergrass is renowned for its musical heritage – and that doesn’t just apply to music for grown-ups.

For a taste of indie magic geared at under sevens, Nick Cope, formerly of The Candyskins, runs sessions at Fusion, Princes Street, at 11am on Monday, at North Oxfordshire Association, Diamond Place, at 1.15pm on Thursday, and at 10.45am at St Alban’s Hall, Charles Street, on Friday.

He will perform for free at the Truck store, Cowley Road, tomorrow at midday.

He said: “If you come along, your children will be howling like wolves and jumping up and down. It’s a good way to use up some energy.”

4Get reading There are eight libraries in Oxford, where children can not only read books but access a range of other materials.

Many also have special activities for youngsters, including rhymetime on a Wednesday morning at 10.30am at Oxford Central and Cowley libraries.

If libraries don’t float your boat, Barefoot Books in Banbury Road, Summertown, has a string of events aimed at getting your little ones enthused about books, including daily storytime, a children’s book club on Tuesday at 3pm and a puppetry session on Wednesday at 10am.

5Get creative All you really need for this is pens, paint, paper and imagination.

But if you would rather have someone else clearing up after your children’s artwork, there are lots of options.

At Oxford Town Hall, the whole family can join in creating a glass mosaic of Oxford’s sporting history on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Modern Art Oxford, in Pembroke Street, has free art activities that children can access between 2pm and 4pm Tuesday to Friday, all linked to current exhibitions.