FORMER Olympic triathlete Emma Davis is in Bicester today to take a training session and launch the Bicester Triathlon.

Ms Davis, who competed in Beijing 2008, will lead two training sessions at 6.30pm and 8.30pm to help promote the Bicester Traithlon on March 24.

Next month’s Bicester Triathlon will feature an indoor pool swim of 400m at Bicester and Ploughley Leisure Centre, a flat 20k bike ride around Bicester, Bucknell and Middleton Stoney; and a 5k run at Bicester Community College’s grounds in Queens Avenue.

Ireland triathlete Ms Davis said: “Triathlon offers an alternative to team sports for people who would still like to take part in a competitive and interesting sport without focusing on only one discipline. There is no need to be the best at swimming, cycling or running, as when combining them together, it is a completely different challenge.

“Today’s session will cover swim, bike and run activities which we will make accessible to all irrespective of age and fitness.

“Importantly, everyone who attends can expect to feel welcome as that is the inclusive nature of triathlon events.”