A CONTROLLED Parking Zone could be introduced in Botley, the first of its kind outside Oxford.

Oxfordshire County Council’s CPZs have become a familiar fixture for many city residents with 25 already in force.

But one could be introduced in Elms Road, Botley, a few hundred metres from Seacourt Park And Ride.

It would only allow residents to park their vehicles in the street if they pay £50 towards a permit.

The proposals has been made after a surge in complaints about the street being taken up by commuters.

Resident and research scientist Mick Phillips said: “I have lived here for a few years and parking has got a lot worse because charges at Seacourt Park and Ride have gone up.

“We are one of the first streets outside Oxford which doesn’t have a permit scheme so we get a lot of people parking here to go into Oxford.

“A controlled parking zone will solve the problem but I have mixed feelings about it. It would be better if there were not charges at the park and ride but that won’t happen.”

Zoe Fredericks, 47, who works at Elms Road Nursery and lives in Botley, said: “I think it is a good idea.”

In streets neighbouring Elms Road, residents were concerned about what it would mean for them.

Seacourt Road resident Kelly Bartlett, 29, said: “You find a lot of people who work in the Botley area park along here. When the restrictions come in Elms Road the cars are all going to come here. It is just moving the problem.”

County council spokesman Paul Smith said: “We estimate the cost of signing and lining plus advertising and consultation will be around £8,000 and £9,000 although there could be some costs on top of that.

“We are able to do this because this part of Vale of the White Horse – the Parish of North Hinksey – is within the Oxford special parking area and is subject to civil parking enforcement. As a general rule we would not introduce CPZs in areas that are subject to enforcement by the police rather than civil enforcement by a council.”

The Oxford special parking area covers the entire area of the city within the ring road as well as Barton, Risinghurst, Sandhills, Botley, Blackbird Leys and Littlemore.

The proposal is currently out for consultation until February 8.