A FOUL-MOUTHED Oxford teenager, who scared the elderly and swore in front of children, has been given an Asbo.

Jed Denton intimidated his neighbourhood by swearing loudly and gathering large groups of unruly youths outside the Underhill Circus council home in Barton he shares with his mother.

Police said the lout’s behaviour had given the estate a bad reputation.

And a neighbourhood officer said Denton had tried to start trouble in the area last year when riots broke out in London.

The 19-year-old was yesterday handed the two-year Antisocial Behaviour Order (Asbo) at Oxford Magistrates’ Court.

He is now banned from using abusive or explicit language in public, congregating with two or more people in the Underhill Circus area, and from entering Barton Chippy, Barton Post Office, or the estate’s Spar store.

During the hearing, Denton smirked as six police officers gave evidence.

Estate Pcso Samantha Carter said Denton was a bad influence on youngsters in Barton. She said: “The elderly have said they do not want to go to the shops anymore because they do not feel safe.

“His swearing and language is heard, and being the hub of Barton it affects everyone who lives there.

“If he wasn’t in the location then things would calm down.”

She added: “We have tried engaging with him in the past.”

Pc Neil Bouse said the estate had a bad reputation because of the groups hanging about near Denton’s house.

He said: “Quite a few of them have criminal backgrounds and are involved in criminal acts in the area.”

Pc Chloe Sutton, also from the Barton team, said Denton had tried to organise a riot in August last year.

She said: “Mr Denton decided to call upon a lot of his associates to hang around his house, intimidate the business owners of the shops, and to incite a mini riot.”

She added: “He has a detrimental effect on the whole community. He does tend to bring undesirables to that centre hub.”

The court also heard Denton had written abusive messages about the police on Facebook.

But Denton said he had lived in Underhill Circus all his life and groups had always gathered there.

Denton said he did not think the Asbo would change Underhill Circus. He added: “There is nowhere to meet. There are no local facilities, no pub. That is the heart of the community and it has been for years.”

And he said bad language was not uncommon on the estate.

Handing the Asbo, magistrate John Kearsey told Denton: “It is clear your behaviour has caused much harassment, alarm and distress to other residents in the community. They will rely on the protection this order will give.”

The prosecution was brought by Oxford City Council. Speaking after the hearing, case officer Emma Barley said: “It will offer the community respite from the antisocial behaviour that has had a huge impact on many of the residents’ lives.”

Denton is also barred from associating with two other individuals.