If you need a few shelves put up or a room painted, Bicester’s Richard Walbyoff is your man.

That was the verdict at the Ideal Home Show when the 45-year-old was named B&Q DIY Dad of the Year.

Mr Walbyoff, who has two children, Joseph, 19 and George, 15, only entered the contest because his wife, Sarah, was keen to get up close and personal with Restoration Man presenter George Clarke.

He said: “We went to the exhibition just for a day out and Sarah wanted to see George Clarke who was on the B&Q stage.

“He announced he was doing DIY Dad of the Year competition and I ended up being involved from there.”

After correctly answering 16 of 20 DIY-related questions and a tiebreaker, Mr Walbyoff was one of three finalists invited on stage to show off their DIY prowess.

And it was his carefully painted coving and skirting board, well-hung wallpaper and level shelves that were judged the best.

Mr Walbyoff said: “It was all quite simple stuff. Once I got up on the stage to perform these particular tasks, being a fairly competitive person I felt I had to give it a go so I was in it to win it.”

Mr Walbyoff, who runs his own business looking after historic racing cars, said he had been keen on DIY since he was a boy.

He said: “I’m the kind of person that can’t sit still so if I get any spare time, I’m always looking for something to do.

“I like to make sure I get stuff done right and I’m a bit of a perfectionist in a lot of ways.”

He said he hoped his teenage sons were proud of his achievement but admitted their interest in DIY was still limited.

But his own interest in the hobby was sparked by his father, a painter and decorator by trade.

His wife said she thought Mr Walbyoff was a worthy winner.

She said: “You get to the stage where he’s so good at it you take it for granted.

“I’ve got used to the fact that if I want some cupboards fitted or something doing in the house, he just does it.

“It does make life easier because you don’t have to worry about having people in all the time.

“He definitely deserved to win.”

She said she was not allowed “anywhere near” his garage, where he kept a substantial collection of household tools, but said it was a hobby she was keen to encourage.

RICHARD'S TOP TIPS: Always use the correct tools for the task.

Measure twice cut once (saves an expensive mistake).

Use correct fixing when fixing anything to a wall.

Always take the correct safety precautions – for example turn off the power when doing anything with electrics.

Use the correct protective equipment (safety glasses etc) when using power tools.