A YOUNG hip-hop musician is using his music to raise awareness of domestic violence.

Danny Morrell, 20, has written lyrics and, along with his friends who make up the Feel Good Muzik team, has produced a video.

The video shows a young mother subjected to physical abuse while the lyrics urge her to stand up and speak out. It has been viewed on the internet more than 2,300 times in just a month.

The popular rapper, whose stage name is MC YungStar, works full time as a sales assistant at Bicester Village, but it’s what he does in his spare time that is getting people talking.

The talented youngster has performed in pubs across Bicester including the Bell, White Horse and White Hart, Baby Bar, in Oxford, and Summit Festival, in Cornwall last summer.

He has been nominated for an Oxfordshire Association for Young People award in its arts category, and is also in talks with a music executive.

Mr Morrell, of Nuffield Close, Bicester, said: “A lot of people portray hip-hop as a bad thing, a bad attitude.

“I’m completely the opposite. I like to talk about things that mean something, where people listen to a record and drift away, that’s the kind of music I mix.

“With the video I just think it’s not stuff that people are willing to talk about. But if you watch the video it says we have all got voices and need to stand up and speak out, whether it’s someone going through violence or a friend going through it.”

He persuaded his friends, Charli Parsons, of Brackley, Christopher Price, of Bicester, Anthony Wells and his daughter Holli Richards, of Oxford, to act in the video. Zach Gravenell, from London, also a member of the Feel Good Music Team, produced it.

Mr Morrell was supported in his music by the Courtyard Youth Arts Centre and the OYAP Trust, and for several years the Launton Road youth centre was his second home.

He said: “I have been doing music for about five years. I love it. There’s nothing that’s a better buzz. We are doing pretty good. My main influence was Eminem, but I have used he my own life experience in my music.”

In August, Mr Morrell wrote a track called Friday Night and its video was shot in Oxford’s Baby Bar. It had 5,000 internet hits.

Helen Le Brocq, of OYAP, nominated Mr Morrell for the award. She said: “He’s doing all this and holding down a full-time job. I think he’s amazing. If ever we ask him to do a favour, he will be there.”

  • Watch Mr Morrell’s video on youtube.com/ watch?v=_3KtYttJQpY