CONCERNS have been raised over “bullying” and “inadequate” healthcare at a Bicester prison.

The Independent Monitoring Board’s report for the period August 2011 to July 2012 for Bullingdon Prison, said inmates had made allegations about being bullied by a small number of staff, but generally relationships were “very positive”.

The report said: “Throughout the year the board has been concerned that its attention has been repeatedly drawn to the names of a small number of uniformed staff, each of whom has been the subject of allegations with regard to bullying and unhelpful behaviour.”

The annual report also highlights space problems on the sex offenders’s wing, and concerns staff had been “under considerable stress” by budget cuts and restructuring.

Pamela Fletcher, chairman of IMB Bullingdon, said: “The board continues to be generally satisfied with the overall standard of the prison management, treatment of prisoners and facilities provided, although resolution of issues such as alleged bullying and healthcare provision would further improve the prison.”

During the year there was a rat infestation just outside the prison, which was caused by inmates throwing rubbish out of windows, according to the report. Windows in some areas have been replaced and have been fitted with grills to stop it happening again.

The report made a handful of recommendations to the Prison Service, which included not sending vulnerable prisoners to Bullingdon when there were no spaces on the sex offenders’ wing and improving healthcare services.

A Prison Service spokesman said: “The report by the Independent Monitoring Board at HMP Bullingdon will be fully considered by Ministers and we will respond in due course.”

The report also refers to an issue raised by members of the traveller community, who say they do not have access to landlines, so their call costs are higher.

They say that phone credit is insufficient to allow for the higher cost of phoning mobiles.