What links former Word presenter Terry Christian, an ex-Bond villain and werewolves to the sleepy Oxfordshire village of Deddington?

Answer: a low-budget British horror movie which its makers hope will prove a cult smash.

The makers of Crying Wolf are to descend on the north Oxford-shire village in June for a lycan-thropic mix of blood and gags.

Actress Gabriela Hersham, right, will play the furry monsters’ leader opposite former TV presenter Christian, who will play Death.

They will be joined by former Bond villain Caroline Munro, who appeared in The Spy Who Loved Me and Hammer horror classics.

Producers promise “werewolves, babes and booze” as a detective stalks the village’s streets on the trail of a hairy slayer.

A blood-splattered scene was shot last year in the village’s Red Lion. Landlady Michelle Boulter said: “There was lots of blood.

“One guy who was attacked by the werewolves was absolutely covered in it.”