THE MP for Banbury has removed all comments from her public Facebook page after a surge in online abuse over the course of last week.

Victoria Prentis, who is in her second term as Conservative MP, said the 2017 General Election had brought out 'the best and the worst' in people.

In a statement, she said: "It was a passionately fought campaign for all involved.

"But unfortunately a number of us, myself included, were subjected to some extremely worrying and upsetting abuse.

"Since then, it has only got worse. The number of offensive online remarks peaked last week, prompting me to make the decision to remove all comments, both supportive and negative, from my Facebook page for the time being."

Earlier this month Theresa May launched an investigation into 'horrific' abuse suffered by candidates from across the political spectrum in the run-up to the June election.

Mrs Prentis added: "High-level discussions about the best way forward are in progress, and I will be making my views known.

"Everyone should have the opportunity to express their views but there is absolutely no place in our democracy for the abuse we have seen."

Constituents can raise issues with Mrs Prentis during her regular pub tours and surgeries in Banbury and Bicester.

Mrs Prentis can also be contacted on 01869 233685 or by emailing