WHILE some teams found their way to the finishing line in the tough Tour de Trigs Challenge, others faltered.

In teams of three on Saturday,123 hikers attempted either to walk 50 miles overnight in 24 hours, or the junior 30 mile route in half that time.

Out of 41 teams, just 13 adult teams and three of the five junior teams finished the course through north Oxfordshire and neighbouring counties.

This year’s adult winners were the Trail Blazers from Banbury and Coventry, a mixed male and female team who walked 50 miles in 16 hours 4 minutes. Hikers from as far as Berlin arrived at the start at The Warriner School in Bloxham, near Banbury.

Explorer Scouts Ellie Boot, Joe McElligott and Sophie Mitchell got lost looking for the second checkpoint and were timed out.

Ellie, from Solihull, said: “I don’t know what went wrong.

“It was a bit upsetting because we were doing really well.”

For details on how to join the hike – which has been running since 1966 – see the website tourdetrigs.org.uk