A WOMAN was rescued by a neighbour using a ladder after a dishwasher fire at a house in Banbury.

Firefighters were called to Lansdown Close at 4am on Saturday.

One man had already left the property and the woman was then rescued by her neighbour.

Crews rescued another occupant, an elderly woman, and all were taken to the Horton General Hospital for treatment for smoke inhalation.

Incident commander Danny Hicks said: “Upon arrival it was immediately clear that an elderly resident was still in need of rescue.

“Crews wearing breathing apparatus quickly located the lady in an upstairs bedroom and brought her out of the property and into the care of South Central Ambulance Service.”

The fire was brought under control. He said: “I dread to think of the outcome of this incident had it not been for the house having working smoke alarms.

“These provided early detection and alerted the homeowners of the fire in their kitchen.

“This is a clear reminder to everyone of the importance of working, suitable smoke alarms.”