LIFE at an army base can be lonely for the wives and girlfriends of soldiers serving in Afghanistan.

So a group at Dalton Barracks near Abingdon have started a choir to help them meet up and support each other.

About 120 soldiers from 4 Logistics Support Regiment left the base last month and will return from Helmand in October.

And while they are away the Abingdon Military Wives Choir will be meeting once a week. The singers hope to perform for the soldiers at their homecoming ceremony in St Helen’s Church, Abingdon, when they get back in six months’ time.

Lucy Rutledge, 26, whose husband Captain Stuart Rutledge, 29, is away with the regiment, started the group with friend Laura Bresciani.

She said: “We thought setting up a choir would provide much needed hope, support and friendship for those wives left behind.

“We thought it would be something to keep us going and distract us, but would also be a good project when they are way.”

She said it was tough knowing your other half was in danger on the other side of the world, but added: “You sort of get used to it after a while.”

The group was part inspired by the Military Wives Choir, from two barracks in Devon, who reached number one at Christmas with the song Wherever You Are.

The Abingdon choir, which is open anyone with a military connection, also hopes to sing at the base Families’ Day in July and also in Abingdon town centre.

Mrs Bresciani, 27, wife of Captain Marco Bresciani, 26, said:“When you live on an army base lots of people come and go all the time and it’s quite difficult, if you are the new one, to meet people.

“We thought it could be really lovely to have something to do while our husbands are away and keep our minds off being alone. It’s all about coming together and sharing our experiences and having something to look forward to every week.”

The choir meets every Monday evening at the camp’s Place to Be centre.

  • To get involved, email or search for the choir on Facebook