ABINGDON sewage works has been given a £3m upgrade to increase the capacity of its storm tanks and improve the smell.

The increased capacity will allow for population growth and ensure that treated waste water flowing into the Thames remains at the necessary quality.

The plant, which serves more than 36,000 people, has also been given refurbished sludge holding tanks which have been fitted with odour controls, reducing the smell in the area.

Abingdon councillor Tony De Vere said: “All of these improvements are real wins for Abingdon.

“The extra storm water capacity and cleaner operation together with better quality discharges into the Thames makes this a great move by Thames Water.”

Thames Water director of sustainability Richard Aylard said: “The River Thames is hugely important for wildlife in our region and we want to keep the quality of the water exceptionally high.

“Treated waste water makes up part of the flow so our work can help maintain a healthy river downstream. You can see effect of high quality water, with birds, plants and animals thriving.”