A PERSON had to be freed from a wreckage after a two-car crash in Bloxham at about midnight last night.

Firefighters, police and paramedics were all called to the scene on the A361 and the person was freed and taken to hospital.

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service said the front of the car was badly damaged and fire crews cut the doors and the driver’s side of the car away to help the paramedics get to the patient.

Watch Manager David Edge said: “When we arrived at the incident, we were met by the ambulance crews who were looking after the casualty.

“We were told of their injuries and we worked with the paramedics on a plan to best remove them quickly, safely and effectively so that they could be taken to hospital.

“We train regularly for car accidents and our hydraulic rescue tools are designed specifically for these incidents and we were able to create space by cutting away the doors and the side of the vehicle which made a for an effective rescue.”

And he added: “An incident like this just shows that even on familiar roads when not many vehicles are about, road traffic collisions can still occur.

“We urge motorists to drive safely whilst on roads they may have driven on countless times previously, and of course, driving at night requires extra concentration.”

The fire service this morning said Thames Valley Police was investigating the cause of the collision.