PARISH councillors have criticised the latest document submitted by the developer of the West Way proposals in Botley.

The Environmental Impact Assessment from Doric Properties said benefits of the £100m shopping centre scheme “considerably outweigh any minor adverse effects”.

The report claimed the impact on traffic from construction would be “negligible” and that no adverse air pollution effects were anticipated.

Doric wants to flatten the shopping centre, Elms Parade and Field House next year for a supermarket, cinema, health centre, gym, shops, 33 flats and 525 student rooms to open in 2018.

But North Hinksey Parish Council’s planning committee hit out at the plans in a two-hour point-by-point examination on Thursday.

Chairman Andrew Pritchard said: “The major concerns we have remain the transport aspect.

“Their analysis does not acknowledge the already high levels of vehicles that we have going past the West Way.

“And there is clearly going to be a lot more if this application is successful.”

They are also raised concerns over its visual impact and how air pollution would affect the students.

A consultation started on June 3 when the document was submitted and finishes tomorrow.

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