MOST weddings feature plenty of pastel dresses and groomsmen in black tie, but Iffley couple Chloe Horner and Tom Sharp decided to buck tradition by having a fancy dress wedding.

Guests arrived at the ceremony at Grove House eco-home in Iffley, on Saturday dressed as centaurs, Freddie Mercury and even Boy George.

Mrs Horner, owner of the Oxfork cafe in Magdalen Road, said: “I’d always wanted to do it. Weddings can be so formulaic and we knew a lot of our friends would be up for it, so we just did it.

“It was ‘fancy dress or dress fancy’, so we had quite a few people come in traditional dress.”

Mrs Horner, 36, also shunned the expected bridal garb. She said: “I’ve always quite fancied getting married in red, but I’m six months’ pregnant so finding a dress was quite an ordeal. I got one eventually and a friend made the veil.”

Technician Mr Sharp, 32, said: “I asked her if she was sure, but I thought it was a great idea. It’s a pretty good reflection of our relationship.”

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