The Church of England has voted to ban its clergy from being members of the British National Party. I don't know why. I thought religion and fascism had a long and lustrous association. Just look at Spain. Or Ireland, come to that. But maybe that's just the, you know, left-footers. Papists. Pope-botherers. Maybe the good old Church of England is different, although one might have thought that telling other people how to live was the essence of both the BNP and CoE. On balance, though, the BNP would seem fairer-minded. Perhaps they ought to retaliate by banning any of their members from going to church on Sunday. Mind, they probably off worshipping Odin or something like that anyway. I wonder if Odin-worship would preclude them joining the CoE. Probably not.

It's all about racism, see, though God wouldn't seem to be too rigorous in his anti-racist stance. Go around selecting a race to be your chosen people is just asking for trouble. Maybe the CoE should kick him out, too. Just to be fair.