I WAS elated to see the main political party leaders cringing as they faced up to UKIP’s success at both local and EU elections. Both David Cameron and Ed Miliband said they ‘were listening’ and got the message, Nick Clegg is now an irrelevance. I wonder?

Oxford Mail:

Ed Miliband

It was ironic to read two letters (May 27), one saying that Labour was not listening to people’s wishes and another from a Labour councillor saying that the county council was not listening to the wishes of residents for a crossing at Collinwood Rd over the A40.

Oxford Mail:

Nick Clegg

Coupled with the fact that Cllr Hudspeth has not yet responded to my challenge to explain why money cannot be diverted from the proposed crossing at the Six Bells to the A40 crossing, it just proves that none of the main parties is really listening.

I hope that they remember this when they start knocking on doors next May asking for our votes.

Things must change and MPs and councils must pay more attention to local people’s wishes on all topics.


Claymond Road



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