READING the letter by Chris Stevens makes my blood boil about Oxford Utd Ladies and other women’s teams.

They have as much right as the men to have the headlines in the Oxford Mail.

He goes on to say he has a keen interest in local football. So does it matter who is first or second in the sports column, whether man or woman?

It sounds to me he is very biased against women’s football or any women’s sport in fact.

I played football for many years and I manage teams in the Witney District League and I would have played women or young ladies in my team without hesitation because some are better than a lot of men.

Mr Stevens says he watches Oxford Utd.

I can assure you, the women played a lot better than the latter for part of the season. So they deserve to have the headlines sometimes.

It is you, Mr Stevens, who needs correcting, not the Oxford Mail.

Green Road

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