THE story of pizza delivery man Dejan Vukelic reminds us that heroism can come at the most unlikely of times.

Mr Vukelic went out on a regular delivery but ended up saving a stranger’s life.

The 34-year-old reacted calmly and with courage.

His quick thinking meant he was able to engage a suicidal man in conversation and eventually talk him out of danger.

These skills can take years of professional training to learn.

But Mr Vukelic’s actions show they can also come naturally to someone with the right compassion.

It would have been so easy to walk on past and leave the negotiations to trained police officers, thinking it was best not to intervene.

But by the time that happened it may have been too late.

Mr Vukelic was able to draw on his own personal experiences to make a connection with the man.

His own dad had suffered a stroke and he used this as a way of engaging in conversation.

His story should make us all stop and think.

It shows we can make a difference even when we are least expecting it.