You can't accuse the promoters of the proposed Weston Otmoor eco-town of not trying.

They are leaving no stone unturned in attempting to convince everyone that it will be an ultra environmentally friendly community.

The picture being painted is that everyone will be taking the bus, tram or train, or cycling, and that there will be little necessity for people to drive cars.

Is this realistic? Somehow we doubt it.

The latest ideas to be unveiled in the masterplan are that there will be a toll for leaving the town by car, and that families will have real-time information in their homes to tell them when the next round-the-town tram is due.

It is all very commendable. But somehow, we don't think that the good folk of Weston Otmoor will be any different to those living in other areas.

They will want to use their cars.

And with 15,000 homes, there are going to be a lot of them.

At a conservative estimate, that's at least 15,000 cars and you can bet that many families moving in will have two or more.

Many of them will end up on the already heavily-congested A34.

Buses, trams and trains will, of course, have a part to play if the new town is built.

One bonus is that the much-talked about east-west rail route might finally come to fruition.

But there are a lot more issues to be discussed than public transport.

Let the debate continue.