Spare no sympathy for Felicity Jane Loude.

This despicable woman from Oxford can protest all she likes, but the fact is that she is a convicted criminal.

She waged a year-long hate campaign by email against Rachel North, a survivor of the July 7 bombing in London.

She was found guilty of harassment in her absence after failing to attend her trial before magistrates in East London.

Since the court case, she has apparently bombarded Miss North with a further torrent of abusive messages.

The reason for Loude's warped behaviour appears to be that Miss North is leading a campaign for a public inquiry into the London terrorist attacks.

Why that should lead to such an outburst is puzzling. Had Loude any defence, the time to have put it was at the magistrates' hearing. But she failed to put in an appearance.

Now, once police arrest her, she will be, rightly, at the mercy of the courts - and she will deserve all she gets.

Meanwhile, our sympathy is entirely with Miss North. No-one should be expected to put up with such torment.