A MUM and dad who raised nearly £150,000 to get their baby boy a lifesaving operation in the United States have revealed the NHS has decided to pay.

Lydia and Tim Cameron from Wantage, who spent the past four months raising £141,000 through a public appeal, announced the good news last week.

On their fundraising web page they wrote simply: "We received a call from NHS England to tell us they are going to support us with our campaign to get Oliver to Boston.

"We are still awaiting written confirmation about what support is being offered."

In a statement, NHS England said: "The details of this case are still being worked through as we are in the process of talking to the family.

"However, where NHS England agrees to fund treatment abroad, we would typically cover the full costs of the treatment and any necessary associated treatment (such as pre and post-operative care) as well as flights and accommodation for the patient and up to two family members/ guardians."

The operation at Boston Children's Hospital could now save baby Oliver's life.

He was born at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford on January 31 with a life-threatening and extremely rare form of tumour on his heart.

The cardiac fibroma in the left ventrical wall is actually larger than the heart itself, and causes dramatic and unpredictable changes in his heartbeat.

The mass means Oliver’s heart speeds up to a life-threatening pace, called a ventricular tachycardia, and he has to be repeatedly sedated and his heart shocked back into a normal rhythm.

This rare form of tumour has only been reported about 200 times, and the NHS currently does not offer the operation to treat it.

After a consultant told the family to get Oliver to the United States 'as soon as possible', they launched their desperate plea for help raising the £150,000 cost.

The appeal quickly touched hundreds of hearts, and more than 4,200 people have donated, pushing the total to £141,000.

Most recently, the team at Wantage Fire Station held a car wash and bake sale at the end of July in the family's aid.

Now, it seems, the generous donations may not even be needed.

While Mr and Mrs Cameron try to establish exactly how much money the NHS is offering, they have not made any public statement about the funds raised so far.

In the meantime, the family's appeal may have even prompted a change in NHS policy about how to deal with cardiac fibroma.

NHS England said: "We have determined that a clinical policy is required for service access and will explore whether a service in the UK is appropriate considering the small number of patients."

Read Oliver's full story at gofundme.com/oliversheartsurgery