'CAN you help my son get into Oxford University?' is among a list of bizarre request made to Travelodge hotel teams in Oxfordshire in the past year.

Other strange questions to staff include 'Do you have a runway?', 'Can you stop the traffic?' and 'Can you make sure everyone in the hotel stays still so we can do the Mannequin Challenge?'.

The company, which is headquartered in Thame, released the exotic requests from its Oxford Peartree, Abingdon Road and Wheatley branches.

On of the easiest-to-answer was a customer at Peartree who asked 'Does Oxford have roads?'.

Someone staying at Abingdon Road asked staff if he could run a business idea past them; a businessman asked if the branch had a runway, and a romantic visitor at Peartree asked someone on reception if they could arrange for an orchestra to serenade his wife on their wedding anniversary.