FAMILY and friends of a hit-and-run victim hope to 'give him a future' by raising £30,000 for major surgery.

Steven Wanna was left for dead after being struck by a car as he was walking along a road towards Oxford in the early hours of his birthday on February 14.

The 20-year-old from Cowley was found by his friends lying unconscious in the middle of the A4074 between the Golden Balls and Berinsfield roundabouts, near Nuneham Courtenay.

Six months on and no arrests have been made but Mr Wanna was left with a catalogue of horrific injuries.

These included a fractured skull, a brain haemorrhage, a fractured eye socket and nose, as well as his face being split open.

He also suffered a fractured hip, a broken left leg and broken toes on his right foot.

After being kept in a coma for four months to allow his body to heal, he is now awake but struggles to recognise people and even colours.

Friend Amber Webber, 20, has set up a funding page for the former Cheney School pupil to have face reconstruction surgery.

She visits Mr Wanna at the John Radcliffe Hospital most days with his mother Sandy Mar, who was in Myanmar when she was told about her son’s injuries and that he could have 'died at any time'.

The 49-year-old mother-of-two is herself currently having treatment for a brain tumour and has recently battled breast cancer, but said she was determined to bring her son home and look after him.

The former nurse said: "I quickly came back to be by his side and haven’t left it.

"He’s only 20 and this is no life for him right now, he has to move on and all I want is to give him a future.

"They were so worried he wasn’t going to make it that they just sewed him up and he needs the surgery to live his life."

Before the incident, Mr Wanna was studying business at college and working at Ladbrokes.

Friends said he is a 'happy-go-lucky lad', a 'peace keeper' and 'loves being with his friends'.

The incident is believed to have occurred following a night out. Mr Wanna was in a car with friends when, following an argument, he got out to walk.

The friends drove off but upon returning a short time later they found him in the road.

Miss Webber said her friend is having to learn tasks such as the alphabet again.

She added she was 'absolutely devastated' when she heard of the hit and run.

The Abingdon Road resident said: "I just started crying.

"It broke my heart - he could not remember who I was.

"He was just left there in the road. When the paramedics came they thought at first that he was already dead.

"He keeps telling us 'white car, black car' and keeps saying 'I was hit, I nearly died'.

"He said he went to a different world."

The 20-year-old added he looked at a photo of himself before the incident and said 'I was so handsome'.

In order to repair the damage to his face, he will need reconstruction surgery. However, as this is not a life-saving treatment, it could be classed cosmetic and so it is not clear who will pay for it.

Therefore, a fundraising campaign has been set up to make funds available, with any not going towards surgery being spent on a ground floor flat Mr Hanna will need.

Miss Webber said: "They (the NHS) keep talking like they are not going to do it. It's made us really step up.

"Steven is not going to be able to live his normal life with out the fundraising.

"We want him to live a happy life. Steven would do it for somebody else. I want to do everything I can for him.

"He is just a lovely person."

Last night, Thames Valley Police spokeswoman Lucy Billen said: "The case is still being investigated and therefore we would welcome any further information from the public on this case.

"There have not been any arrests at this stage."

Mr Webber added: "We just want to know the truth.

"We do not want revenge, we just want to know what happened.

"We want the driver or whoever it was to come forward. Then we can get justice for Steven."

Anyone with information is asked to call 101.

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