THE bright neon lights of Europe’s longest street fair were captured by an Abingdon resident in these stunning drone pictures.

The Michaelmas Fair was in full flow as the sun went down on Monday evening and resident Tim Walker, who lives nearby, thought it was a good opportunity to fly his drone to see what it looked like from above.

He said: “I thought it was a chance to get some spectacular images and I was proved right in that.

“It was a beautiful, still evening, just before the last light and made for some very atmospheric photos.”

Mr Walker had to take more than 100 images to capture the scene perfectly.

He said that a slight shake of the drone would blur the image and it was necessary to time each picture for a couple of seconds to let enough natural light in.

Running for a mile down the length of the High Street from market place and down Ock Street, the Michaelmas Fair, which finished yesterday, is widely-recognised as the longest in Europe.

It was founded as a Medieval hiring fair for rural farmworkers to find work in the local area but now features fairground rides and food stalls.

Mr Walker has been flying drones for the last two years and has created a business filming weddings and other ceremonies.

The 57 year old who also works as a caretaker for Oxford University said: “It creates Hollywood style films.

“People who get married at picturesque locations want to capture the scene in all its glory.”