POORLY pooch Pippa’s very own ‘wags to riches’ story played out on tv yesterday after being found mange-ridden, balding and in need of urgent care.

The suffering Yorkshire terrier was found by RSPCA inspector Lauren Bailey in a house in XXXX with badly infected mange causing the loss of large clumps of fur, painful overgrown nails and potentially cancerous lumps.

The Channel 5 Dog Rescuers programme told the story of how Ms Bailey had previously warned the owner to take better care of the five-year-old dog, then called Tiny, but returning to the XXX home found she was still in pain.

She said: “The property smelled quite bad. I could smell it from outside the house and the owner said it was due to a lack of ventilation but my main concern was that it was actually coming from Tiny because her skin was so infected.”

The owner admitted he was unable to take Pippa for treatment and signed her over to the RSPCA.

Pippa was taken to the vets for immediate treatment for the infected skin condition, sore paws and had tumours removed to give the all clear from cancer.

Now, eight months since the ordeal Pippa has found her forever home with Abingdon couple Paul and Lorraine Waknell who adopted the pooch from Blackberry Farm Animal Centre in February.

Mrs Waknell said: “We fell in love with her as soon as we saw her.

“Her fur has completely grown back now and is so thick it will be her second appointment at the dog groomers next week. She’s no longer tiny and scrawny.

“She’s also much more playful. She didn’t know how to play before as I don’t think anyone ever played with her.”

Ms Bailey added: “I’m over the moon to see her like this, it makes me feel a bit emotional just knowing she’ll never have to suffer like that again.”