GROUPS in Blackbird Leys are being asked to take pictures of what they like and dislike about their estate.

From tower blocks and graffiti to community gardens and colourful murals, it is hoped the images will help build up a picture of the community.

They will then be used to help improve facilities in the future.

The ‘Our Place’ project is being run by the Leys Neighbourhood Partnership, which was created last year to bring together councils, community groups and businesses for the good of the estate.

All the pictures used will be made into an ‘Our Place’ booklet, which will be exhibited at The Leys Linx Centre during July and August.

The idea is then to work with organisations across the Leys to improve any locations which are disliked.

Last night, community worker and resident Jim Hewitt said: “I’m looking out of my window now at one of my pet hates, which are these horrible phone wires that fan out from big ugly poles.

“On our close there are wires going to 20 houses and I just think about how nice it would look if they were not there.

“In places like North Oxford the wires are all underground, so I don’t know why they can’t do that here.”

He added: “And what I love? I love the people, the sense of neighbourhood. You don’t get that in other places.”

Richard Colbrook from the Leys Youth Programme, said: “My favourite thing in the Leys in the sense of community, it’s second to none.

“And as for things I don’t like, there are a few buildings I think they could have done better with, but I wouldn’t like to say more than that.”

The project is being run with Oxford City Council and the city council’s Heritage Asset Project.

Cameras are also available for loan for all residents who do not have their own.

The Leys Neighbourhood Partnership, which first met in November, is also working with the Leys Community Development Initiative to apply for £33,000 in Community First Funding for the estate.

This funding would be over a four year period and would be available for community groups, associations and services to apply for.

The partnership is also looking into local parking problems, and how to provide more opportunities for residents to gain access to employment and training.

* Anyone interested in taking part in the Our Place project can find out more on 01865 252646.

Photos from around the estate can be emailed to

Camera loan locations

* April 25, The Dovecote, Greater Leys, 1pm-3pm

* May 2, Health Centre, Greater Leys, 1pm-3pm

* May 9, Blackbird Leys Leisure Centre, 5pm-7pm.