Remember those gruelling cross-country runs pupils had to endure? Diane Baker, centre in the picture top, was the winner of the girls’ race at Marston Secondary School in 1961 for the second year running. Janet Eden, left, was second, and Jean Fathers, right, was third.

Twenty children enjoyed hot dogs and sausages as well as games at a Sunday School party at St Nicholas Church hall in 1987. Sisters Alison and Ruth Palayiwa get in the party mood in the middle picture with Adam Kerry.

Jane Kimber, right in the bottom picture, received a crown, gown and gold watch as beauty queen at Marston Venture Unit’s Dance of the Queens at Mortimer Hall in 1968. She is seen with entertainer Dickie Henderson, who was starring in the Humpty Dumpty pantomime at the New Theatre, Claire Pearson, left, who was second in the contest, and Sarah Leigh, who was third. The queen’s main duty was to preside at the annual Oxford Scout fete.