Bellringers didn’t have much room to practise in the church tower because the clock mechanism got in the way.

But Kenneth White, watched by John Walford and Fred Deacon at the back, was able to give advice to young ringers on how to overcome the problem – they are (left to right in the picture above): Lyn Roe, Clifford Walford, Ian O’Reilly, Susanne Robjohn, Marion Bennett and Maureen Turner.

Fourteen trees were planted in 1977 to enhance the village and the picture (right) shows the last, a lime, being planted outside Windows Court old people’s home. Victor Quarterman is wielding the spade.

A sale at the Merry Bells in 1966 raised £159 towards the Congregation schoolroom extension fund. Some of the younger visitors are seen (in the picture below) at one of the stalls, with the Deputy Lord Mayor of Oxford, Kathleen Lower.