YOU couldn’t accuse these children of being lazy.

When the 1,100 pupils at Peers School, Littlemore, Oxford, decided to raise money for their school and for charity in 1976, there was no easy option. They either went on a sponsored swim or a sponsored walk.

And the energy they put into both paid off, with a magnificent £1,850 coming into the kitty.

A total of £1,000 was set aside for improvements in the school.

Of the rest, £500 was given to the Churchill Hospital at Headington to buy what was described as a single-needle kidney machine.

When the picture above was taken, Dr D Oliver, who was in charge of the hospital’s kidney unit, had visited to school to collect the cheque.

Colleen McMillan, 13, surrounded by fellow pupils and seen holding the cheque, was the top fundraiser, earning £36 from sponsors on her sponsored walk.

The other £350 was distributed to local charities.