BETTY McDowell said fellow OAPs would miss out on vital cash when the tax allowance for pensioners is frozen next year.

The move means pensioners will pay more tax in future years as their pensions increase.

The 80-year-old widow from Blackbird Leys welcomed the £5.30 extra weekly cash, but said: “It is going to be harder for pensioners.

“It is a job sometimes to manage on it.”

The disabled mum-of-three receives a weekly state pension, a monthly works pension, and a weekly attendance allowance.

But every month she pays £75 for gas and electricity. And she pays about £120 every six months for water.

She said rising food prices were also hitting pensioners.

She said: “If I was left with just my state pension I wouldn’t manage. I am in a council house, I am lucky.”

Mrs McDowell is registered disabled after a hip replacement in 2008 so she has to pay £75 a month to have her house cleaned as she can’t do it herself.

She added: “They have let the old people down. They are taking it off the pensioners and older people to give to the rich.

“The poor aren’t going to be any better off. Some of the OAPs will be really hit.”